Industry Specific

BootShopUK has brought together a range of work boots designed for more specialist risks than a regular safety boot would normally protect against.

The range includes boots for welders (such as the traditional foundry boot), where workers are exposed to the risk of molten metal splash. Also featured are boots with metatarsal protection (a steel plate over the top of the boot to protect the feet from items dropped from above) - typically used by those in the glazing industry.

We have a section dedicated to the catering industry, where footwear is usually required to be white, and needs to be both hygienic and extremely slip resistant.  Safety footwear for healthcare professionals is also a specialist area - nurses safety clogs, for example, need to be hygienic, anti-slip, resistant to needles and blood-borne pathogens, as well as providing superb all-day comfort for those on their feet for long periods of time.

Also featured are safety boots selected from other sections of BootShopUK, which have higher-than-average resistance to extremes of temperature or electricity, or extra anti-static, slip resistance or flame retardant properties that would make them suitable for a variety of industries needing extra protection in specific ways.

For further advice on industry specific requirements, please feel free to call our dedicated team on 01843 825757.